SharedArrayBuffer messaging clarifications

Some of you might have received an email from Google Search Console with the subject “New
requirements for SharedArrayBuffers”. We received feedback that the message was confusing,
and wanted to give some more insight into the issue, so that you can decide which next steps
are appropriate.

The Jordan Yocum Interview

Jordan Yocum is a Digital Marketing Specialist at the Better Business Bureau, and a former Page One Power employee. Based on his knowledge and experience, Jordan was brought to the BBB to build their SEO program, basically from the ground up. On top of that, Jordan has been overseeing a large website migration at the BBB as well. PAGES Magazine sat down with Jordan (virtually) to discuss his experiences with these unique challenges and share his tips and insight with you!

New resources for video SEO

As global online video consumption continues to grow, Google aims to surface video content
from diverse sources across the web. We want to make it easy for site owners to get their
videos indexed and surfaced on Google. Today, we’re excited to share two new resources to help
you optimize your videos for Google Search and Discover.